We would love to have more developer partners in SmartTID.

Integration with other systems adds value to the customers and is a win-win-win situation for your company/product, SmartTID and in the end our common customers.

With a partnership with SmartTID you will be able to build apps and integration that uses all of the functionality within SmartTID. With our REST API you can build integration that does anything from creating new employees and jobs to actually punch in and out for work. You can get data out of SmartTID to use in own dashboards, info screens etc. You can build some of the functionality from SmartTID into your own apps, web sites, even into ERP systems and much more.

To become a partner with SmartTID you need to contact us at smartapi@smarttid.dk and tell us what you plan build and we will setup a teams meeting to get more info about your projects and ideas.

When you are validated as a partner you will get a secret token which you can use to build you apps and integration. This token will identify you as a partner at SmartTID and our customers can then activate your token in their subscription with us and get benefit from your services.

You will get a monthly report from SmartTID which will give you info about which customers are using your services past month so you can make a subscription model and invoice our mutual customers for your services.

Your app or integration will be highlighted on our web site and will be visible directly to all of our customers within the Smart Portal once itโ€™s tested and validated by us. Every SmartTID customer can then activate your app and benefit from your services right away.

Hope to see you sign up ๐Ÿ˜Š

Best regards,
Poul Christensen